Scientists from online pharmacy named the unexpected aspect of Modafinil

The activities of prostitutes have become much safer thanks to the Internet. Scientists from online pharmacy came to such results after the research. Researchers interviewed more than 640 prostitutes from different countries of Europe and, as a result, found that almost all participants of the survey use the Internet to find clients.

More than 80% of respondents said that they are quite satisfied with their work and all the accompanying conditions. Moreover, they consider most of the “working” time to be useful. Thanks to the active use of the Internet in the piquant sphere of activity, the level of violence against sex workers has significantly decreased — only 5% of the prostitutes surveyed experienced physical violence from clients who were found online.

I work as a web designer. In connection with this, it is almost always necessary to have a clear mind, but as a rule, it does not always turn on, and I cannot do anything about it. The order comes, and I can’t make myself do it. In such cases, ModafinilNET helps me out a lot with modafinil online.

Among the advantages of online activity, it is also the creation of a database of customers and the ability to get to know them in advance. So, having received an email, the prostitute can find out the name of the client, check for the absence of negative reviews. Also, after the advent of the Internet in the sex industry, more than 10% of modern “priestesses of love” noted that they managed to raise their earnings.

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